Make It Pinteresting! 5 Ways Pinterest Can Benefit Your Business 

Whether you are in the fitness sector, a property developer, an e-commerce business or even a financial services organisation (yes, that’s right – according to Hootsuite over 82% of pinners use Pinterest to help them choose financial service products), Pinterest can bring a range of benefits to your business. Now home to over 335 million monthly active users who complete more than 2 billion searches per month, you could be seriously missing out by not using it. Still not convinced? Here are 5 benefits to show you why Pinterest is important for your business:  

  1. Increase traffic to your site 
  2. Pinterest is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website – but just how powerful is ‘powerful’? Well, to put things into perspective, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub, Pinterest drives up to 33% more referral traffic than Facebook and 200% more referral traffic than Twitter. 

    Creating a Pinterest business account gives you the capability to not only have a verified website link added to your profile, but also to create ‘rich pins’ which enable you to add more information to your pins, driving people to want to visit your website to find out more. Along with this, Pinterest also allows you to create targeted ads based around specific business goals – such as increasing traffic to your website – for an affordable price, and with 61% of users saying they have made a purchase based on something they discovered in a promoted pin, it really is the perfect investment for your business.

    Top tip: pins that feature more than one product achieve up to 30% higher clickthrough rates.

  3. Increase brand authority 
  4. Pinterest allows you to keep updated with the latest trends and news whilst giving you an opportunity to educate and offer insight to your audience, providing a great opportunity to establish your brand as an industry leader. Furthermore, according to Hootsuite, Pinterest users are 1.4 times more likely to trust content they see on Pinterest compared to other social media platforms.

  5. Expand your reach
  6. In 2019 Pinterest saw a 26% increase in monthly active users, bringing the total to over 335 million – and it’s only getting bigger. Whilst Pinterest may not have the largest user base, it does have really high levels of user engagement, so if your target audience is on there, it’s a very effective way to get your brand noticed and remembered. Along with this, a Pinterest pin can stay relevant for up to 3 months (even more if you optimise your content), whereas a Facebook post will typically have a lifespan of just 5-6 hours, so it’s almost guaranteed that you will get a good level of exposure from each of your pins if you are posting eye-catching, high-quality content.

  7. Generate leads 
  8. Pinterest is more likely to convert visitors into leads than any other social platform. Showing just how beneficial Pinterest can be for lead generation, 77% of Pinterest users say they frequently discover new brands on the platform. Additionally, 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded, meaning the majority of users are open to finding new brands and products – so make sure your business is presented as one of their options. 

  9. Increase sales

Pinterest users typically have a higher purchase intent than users on other social media sites, with 47% spending their time on the platform looking for new products or services. Supporting this, Pinterest has been found to drive almost 4 times more sales than other platforms, with 83% of Pinterest users saying they have made purchases based on the branded content they have seen on Pinterest. But what should you be posting? Well, pins that demonstrate a product or service in action are 67% more likely to drive sales – so that’s a great starting point!

With 78% of Pinterest users saying they find content from brands useful, it’s time for you to start making your business more ‘Pinteresting’. 


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