5 Social Media Content Ideas For Charities 

Engaging, intuitive and, for the most part, free to use, it’s no wonder social media is quickly becoming one of the most favoured channels among charities across the globe. But as social media becomes more popular among nonprofits, competition continues to rise. To stand out, your charity needs to consistently create engaging, on-brand content that creates a lasting impression.

To get you started, here are 5 social media content ideas for your charity to try. 

Tell a story

The power of storytelling is unrivalled. To drive donations and recruit new volunteers, it’s vital that your charity is able to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Ultimately, people want to help people, so the more you can humanise the impact of their support, the more willing people will be to help your cause. 

Macmillan Cancer Support goes one step further by enabling its volunteers’ & beneficiaries’ stories to be seen and heard via video storytelling. This highly engaging form of content is not only memorable but highly shareable too, meaning their story has the potential to create a lasting impact on thousands of people. But what does this mean for your charity? The greater impression you can make on your audience, the more likely you are to be their first port of call when they are ready to take action. 

charity social media content example

Celebrate your supporters

Volunteers and donors allow your nonprofit to make a real difference by giving you the means to reach your goals, so it’s important to show these people just how much they mean to you. Barts Charity regularly dedicates posts to their supporters to celebrate their achievements and thank them for their hard work. Through a mix of powerful, positive imagery and supportive statements they not only encourage their current supporters to continue supporting their cause but also motivate others to get involved and play their part in making a difference. Barts Charity features people of all ages from a range of backgrounds and advertises a variety of ways to fundraise, demonstrating anyone can get involved and help them to achieve their goals.

charity social media content example

Promote, promote again

Charity: Water demonstrates the meaning of ‘work smart’ by frequently repurposing and resharing content from various channels. To extend the reach of their content and encourage relevant engagement, Charity: Water ensures to use trending hashtags and keep up with the latest awareness days.

charity social media content example

The key takeaway here is to make the most of every piece of content. If you have invested time in producing a blog post, video or whatever it may be, you need to ensure to promote that piece of content several times across numerous channels to give it the recognition it deserves and justify the time spent producing it. 

Influence your followers

Partnering with influencers who align with your charity’s values and mission is a great way to reach new audiences, up your engagement and drive action. Cancer Research UK featured Paralympic swimmer and nine-time medallist Bethany Firth in a recent post to encourage others to attend their Swimathon event. The campaign is not only effective thanks to Bethany’s popularity, but also by her personal connection to the UK charity. 

charity social media content example

Educate people about your cause 

A key part of getting people to support your charity is to educate them about your cause and how they can get involved. You need to remind people why your charity exists and exactly what you are trying to overcome because if people are unaware of the meaning behind your actions, it will be difficult for them to support your cause. 

Infographics are a great way to educate people about your cause as not only are they informative, but they are also engaging and highly shareable. Mind Charity is the perfect example of a charity that knows how to keep its audience in the know without overwhelming or boring them.

charity social media content example

Is your charity looking for support with your social media strategy? Get in touch to organise your free consultation and discover the services we can offer to help drive donations and make your goals and reality. 

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