How To Keep Customers: The Importance Of Social Media Retention

Winning new customers/clients on social media is an essential part of any business. You get to work with new people on new projects, and it gets the money moving. Keeping old business however, that is the real bread winner. Many brands don’t focus on social media retention at all, and it shows. Retaining existing customers is always cheaper than winning new business. Plus, customers who already trust you are far more likely to spend more money. Let’s take a look at the value of existing customers, and why social media retention is a powerful ally.

Social media retention is all about building a relationship with your audience. Being one of the most direct, real time, engageable channels, social media is naturally one of the best tools available to build relationships. How exactly then can you use social media to improve your retention?

Understand Your Audience

Social media is full of engaging features and tools that can get you to know your audience. If you want to know what your audience is thinking, ask them a question, or create a poll. Get specific. Understanding what is of value to them, helps you cater your product or service to be better to suit their needs, and helps you understand the value you bring. Understand their pain points, and your strengths and weaknesses, every business has them. Getting to know your audience better will help your social media retention.

Real Time Customer Service 

Social media is the most real time channel that exists, and apart from being in a room with someone, is the quickest and most direct way you can problem-solve issues. Individuals and businesses have come to expect 5 star service as quick as a flash, so being active and responsive on social media is the best way to showcase this positive 5 star experience. 

social media offers 5 star service capability

Even if people aren’t directly mentioning you, you can use several tracking tools so you’re aware of social media mentions related to your business. Staying on top of both good and bad experiences is critical to building trust, and for your long term social media retention. Make sure that you listen on social media, regardless of how noisy it is.

Showcase Your Values

Social media is yet another tool that exists to showcase who you are and what you stand for as a brand. When customers connect with a business because it aligns with them personally, they’re far more likely to engage and support it. Social media is just a limb of your brand, but it is potentially the most reactive limb, and therefore the easiest channel to display an honest representation of your brand. Content from behind the scenes, highlighting your daily operations, your mission and values, and your social responsibility projects are all ways in which you can connect with customers on an individual, human level.

User Generated Content

User generated content can be huge for social media retention. Generally people are far more likely to be influenced by user generated content, because it hasn’t come directly from your business. Operate your social media with this in mind. Yes, there is a chance to win new business, but there is also a great opportunity to reward loyal customers, which in turn, encourages social media retention.

Final Thoughts

If you’d like to find out more about social media retention, and the importance of brand, contact us here for a free consultation!

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