We’ve Got You Covered: 5 Tips For Insurance Companies To Claim The Most From Digital Marketing

As technology continues to evolve, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important for companies in every industry – and insurance is no exception. The insurance market is highly saturated, so you need to work on getting your brand noticed, building relationships with your customers and showing them why they should be doing business with you, and not your competitors. 

1. S(E)O, let’s begin 

Let’s start with the obvious: SEO. When you are looking for a new quote for your home or car insurance, where do you go? For most of us, it’s online – and business insurance is no different. With more and more people relying on Google to solve their problems, you need to ensure your business is presented as one of the top solutions. To improve your site’s ranking, you will need to optimise a number of technical and on-page elements, from site speed and site navigation to content and branding. For more on SEO, check out our latest ultimate guide

2. Less talk, more action 

Now you’ve been noticed, you need to give your audience a reason to stick around. One way to do this is by demonstrating your expertise – after all, actions speak louder than words. You can do this in a number of ways, from client testimonials to celebrating key achievements. Showing us how it’s done are Hiscox UK, who frequently celebrate their awards on their social platforms and have a whole page on their website dedicated to showcasing their customer feedback. 

3. Return the favour 

Another great way to stand out from your competitors is by offering additional value to your customers. Whether they are your existing or potential customers, you need to show them that it’s not all take and no give. There’s a number of ways to do this, ranging from blog posts and podcasts to industry reports and webinars. The key is to help your customers and demonstrate your usefulness to them: give them a reason to want to stay with you. This is something AXA does particularly well, through the use of their ‘Business Guardian Angel’ page, which is designed to offer guidance to small businesses. They offer a range of blog posts, detailed guides and practical tips to help small businesses overcome a number of challenges, from reopening following COVID-19 lockdowns to learning how to get the most from their customers. 

Digital marketing for insurance companies - blog
Additional benefit: updating your site regularly with relevant content that helps your audience is great for SEO, too. 

4. Get involved with your industries 

You may choose to establish yourself as an expert in a particular industry by keeping up with trends and publishing content about your chosen industry. Allianz UK uses their blog and socials to establish their authority across a range of industries, posting regular content that offers insight and guidance into specific industry trends and problems. They also offer additional guidance and support via resources such as ‘ask an expert’, ‘trusted suppliers’ and assessment checklists.  

5. Provide solutions

Confidence is key: if you know you can solve a problem, make it clear to your audience. By explicitly presenting yourself as the solution to a common problem, you will be increasing your brand authority and gaining trust from customers. One way to do this is by putting yourself in the shoes of your customers; think what the most common issue they approach you with is, turn it into a question and present yourself as the answer. Demonstrating an alternative method, Iprism captures the attention of their audience by making the industry they are addressing clear, using relevant imagery and including a powerful statement such as: “we provide insurance solutions for…”. They support their statement by highlighting their expertise using customer testimonials and phrases such as: “helping commercial brokers for over a decade”, and then close with a clear call to action to motivate their audience to join them whilst they have their attention. 

Digital Marketing for Insurance Companies - LinkedIn
With ever-changing technology, comes ever-changing consumer expectations. Don’t risk falling behind. You need to make sure your digital marketing strategy is constantly evolving to keep up with consumer demands, differentiate your business from your competitors and claim the most from your marketing. 

For more on digital marketing, check out our digital marketing for insurance companies page.


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