A simple solution to the biggest debate in content marketing

copywriter with typewriter transforming marketing channels

 Transcript There’s a conflict emerging. One that has the potential to tear the digital community limb from tattooed limb. Hitherto happy colleagues are now gobbing in one another’s frappuccinos, pretending their co-workers are on mute during the monthly content meeting and even leaving their Adobe cloud logged in, just to prevent anyone else from […]

Why Copywriters Make The Best SEOs

copywriter with typewriter transforming marketing channels

 Transcript A few months ago I quietly transformed the lives of millions of copywriters by informing the world that they make the best SEOs. You’re welcome. I spoke about how they combine a natural empathy with deep market research to create massive landing pages that cater to a vast array of user intents in […]

Three Roles That Will Define Every Great Marketing Team Of The Future

the marketing dream team

 Transcript One of my many modest qualities is that I like to think I can see into the future. And within the context of marketing teams I see three things: I believe every team will have a subject matter expert for their target audience. Let’s imagine it’s a recruitment agency targeting the technology sector. […]

4 Things That Will Kill Your Digital Dreams In 2022

Kill your digital dream - walking plank representing ways to end marketing dreams

 Transcript The hard fact is that most businesses will never achieve anything of note online, so you may as well establish that for your business soon rather than later. It’ll save you a tonne of money and make your life a hell of a lot less stressful. So to that end, I’ve come up […]

The 3 Hardest Things To Get Right In Marketing

 Transcript While I was at university, I had to select certain modules for my business management degree. Wherever possible, I chose those that related to marketing, principally because I was lazy and they seemed easier than the alternatives from accountancy, law and economics. Now, in one sense, I wasn’t wrong. Most marketing is easy. […]

Flip Flop Friday – Three Digital U-Turns I Should Probably Keep To Myself

Creating Effective Content for Law Firms

 Transcript Having to admit you’ve made a mistake is a dreadful thing. Which is why I try extremely hard avoid ever having to do so. Every now and again, however, something terrible happens. I find myself presented with data so overwhelmingly contradictory to my viewpoint that I have simply no option but to adjust […]

The First Three Months Of Any Strategy

In this blog, we'll look at often-ignored but absolutely critical PPC considerations for technology companies.

 Transcript I’m all for big long term thinking. Strategies so stratospheric in their ambitions that the market can’t help but pay attention. The trouble is this stuff takes time. An aggressive content strategy could take 12-18 months before it delivers a return, and for most companies that’s a problem, This exciting long term cannot […]

Three Reasons Why Copywriters Make The Best SEOs

Headline heroics

 Transcript It’s been 14 years since I was first introduced to SEO. What a time to be alive that was – keyword stuffing, mass link purchases. Fortunes made overnight and obliterated the next day. Wonderful stuff. And while the excitement has been replaced by a more mature, steady and predictable system, the search engines […]

5 Things You Can’t Measure That Matter

 Transcript One of the main reasons clients give for wanting to invest in digital is that they can measure everything. I have mixed feelings about this. For a start, it’s not actually true – there are loads of things within digital you can’t measure. But more importantly, it suggests that a channel’s ability to […]

The Simplest Piece Of Advice I’ve Ever Had From The Best Marketer I’ve Ever Known

Asking why - most valuable piece of marketing advice

 Transcript Great advice rarely sounds that remarkable when you first hear it. But somehow it stays with you. Recently I was chatting with a friend. He’s been one of the UK’s leading tech entrepreneurs since his early 20s with a number of outrageously high-growth businesses and somehow just manages to do it over and […]

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