Are You Ready, Are You Ready For Likes? 4 Social Media Content Ideas For Law Firms In 2022

The season of love may be drawing to an end, but that doesn’t mean the appreciation for your content has to. Today we will be exploring 4 social media content ideas to help your law firm capture the hearts of your audience in 2022. 

Why social media

Are you ever left second-guessing whether social media is right for your law firm? The likelihood is it will be. The truth of the matter is that the market has evolved: millennials and gen z are now taking over, and consumer preferences have shifted. If you want your law firm to be successful, you have to show up where your target audience is. And with 58.4% of the global population now using social media, you certainly won’t be short of opportunities. 

From driving traffic to key landing pages and generating leads to building your brand and establishing your position within the legal market (when used correctly), social media can help your law firm to achieve all of this and more. 

Now, onto the main event. 

Love your lawyers

It’s time to show off your team: the face of your law firm and ultimately, the people that will make or break your client relationships. As consumer preferences continue to evolve, team and culture content has become increasingly popular. These days, (most) clients care about more than just price; they are keen to work with law firms that align with their values and with who they can build meaningful relationships. So, providing your firm isn’t full of *insert relevant offensive term here*, you will find sharing this type of content to be beneficial. Whether it’s introducing your team, congratulating one of your lawyers or sharing some snaps from staff events, be sure to show off the backbone of your business in 2022. 

UK law firm Shoosmiths shows us just how popular team content is on social media.

TikTok, your audience is waiting 

Move over, there’s a new social media platform in town. TikTok has taken the world by storm and there’s no hiding from it. Whether you’re in the fashion or fitness industry, legal or marketing sector, there will be an audience waiting for you on TikTok. Stuck for ideas? With over one million likes, it’s clear Jayoma Law Firm knows a thing or two about the platform, so why not take some inspiration from his content which includes a mix of client testimonials, case studies and success stories. It’s all about providing enough evidence to prove he is a safe bet for his clients. 

And don’t say we never treat you: the headline may say 4 ideas, but we like to go above and beyond for our readers, so here are a couple of others: 

  • Day in the life videos
  • Meet the team
  • FAQs 
  • Explainer videos

Happy holidays

Facing a mental block? Keen to increase your exposure by hopping on trending content? Get yourself a copy of the 2022 holiday calendar. The holidays range from popular celebrations, like pancake and Valentine’s Day, to quirkier days such as high five day and international chocolate day (completely acceptable to start celebrating the latter early). 

Each day is accompanied by its very own hashtag – in some cases, multiple – so if you get your content out on time and adopt a creative take on the trend, there’s a high chance you will see your reach and engagement rates soar. 

Work smarter not harder

There’s no rule to say that everything you post on social media has to be 100% original. So why not save yourself some time and make the most of the content you’ve already produced? This doesn’t mean sharing the same post over and over again – there are plenty of ways your law firm can recycle content whilst keeping it fresh for your audience, including: 

  • Resharing older assets with updated copy: if you opt for this approach, try to keep a reasonable amount of time between each similar post.
  • Promoting blog content: with this one, think CODE (create once, distribute everywhere).
  • Repurposing other content: anything from podcasts to webinars. If you’ve invested a significant amount of time and resources into a project, it’s only right to make the most of it. 

If you are looking to step up your social media marketing efforts, get in touch today to organise your free consultation with one of our marketing experts (did we mention it’s free). 


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