Feeding The Nation & Driving Donations: 6 Charities Giving ‘Facebook Feeds’ A Whole New Meaning

Home to over 2.4 billion active users, it’s no surprise that Facebook is quickly becoming a favourite tool for marketers across the globe. From wholesalers and property developers to retailers and recruiters, Facebook has something to offer for (almost) every organisation, and charities are no exception. So, how do you do it? Facebook is full of different audiences – which means different preferences and interests – so there really is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to post. To give you some inspiration, here’s 6 Facebook strategies used by UK charities – all are different, but all get results.

The Trussell Trust 

The Trussell Trust uses Facebook to share motivational posts that encourage their audience to get involved with fundraisers. They also use GIFs and videos to make written content more engaging and help to deliver powerful messages to their audience in an easy to digest format. This further helps to drive action by educating their audience on why their donations are important and how they are helping the wider community.

Facebook for charities

The Felix Project 

The Felix Project uses their platform to promote positivity and inspire others to take action by celebrating the work of their volunteers and donors. Every post they publish is accompanied by an image which incorporates their charity colours to help grab the attention of the audience whilst reinforcing their brand image, building recognition and increasing awareness.

Facebook for charities

City Harvest London 

Similarly to The Felix Project, City Harvest London uses Facebook to celebrate the achievements of their volunteers, including direct address and clear calls to action to drive their audience to help make a change. City Harvest London frequently uses Facebook to promote their blog, which helps to drive action by encouraging an emotional response from the audience through sharing powerful stories of families who have been helped by the charity, along with inspirational tales of volunteers who demonstrate that charity is much more than just monetary donations.

Facebook for charities

Sufra NW London 

Using a mix of memorable statistics, eye-catching colours and engaging questions in every post, Sufra NW London knows how to make an impact. They also know how to get their posts seen; making use of hashtags such as ‘#charity’ to broaden the reach of their content – but, it isn’t all work and no play. Adopting a more playful approach to Facebook, Sufra NW London’s posts are never short of emojis or heartwarming images. Through creating a friendly atmosphere and positive online community, Sufra NW London encourages their audience to make donations as a way to continue the spread of happiness and positivity created by their posts.

Facebook for charities

Independent Food Aid Network 

The Independent Food Aid Network adopts an informative approach to their Facebook posts, choosing to share news stories from around the web which highlight the severity of the food crisis in the UK. They head each post with a shocking statistic from the article that grabs the attention of the reader and reinforces the urgency of the situation, helping to motivate the audience to take immediate action. 
Facebook for charities


FareShare recognises that not everyone can afford to donate money, which is why they use Facebook to educate their audience about alternative ways to support their charity. FareShare shares short posts to keep their audience engaged and make sure their message is heard. They also ensure to include relevant links to drive the reader to take action whilst they have their attention.

Facebook for charities

These charities have shown the power of Facebook by turning news feeds into food and ensuring their message is heard by the nation. So, how will you turn a like and a share into a donation and care? Check out our ultimate guide to marketing for charities for more helpful tips!


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