Grand Slam Of Instagram: Top 3 Performing Law Firms On Instagram

There are over 600 million people on instagram. Now it’s unlikely you’ll be able to reach all 600 million on the first day, but instagram marketing is a hugely important tool for businesses.  Especially since a huge percentage of that number are younger generations. While it may seem unusual to use for a law firm, there is an uncapped opportunity to reach a brand new audience. The platform offers you the ability to show your audience who you are, and highlight what you stand for. 

Consumers love to engage before they start a buying journey, and that is especially true in a service model like in the legal sector. Being able to display individuality, and the personalities within your firm on instagram will go a long way to demonstrating trust and credibility. If you’re not using instagram, you’re missing out on a key lead generation tool, that will help you to reach and engage with a new audience, share your content freely, and generate sales! If you’re looking for where to start, here’s a look at some of the best firms in the legal market that you can take some inspiration from!

3) O’Melveny & Myers (@omelvenymyers)

One of the crucial must haves about your social media marketing is that it reflect your brand ethos. Though O’Melveny & Myers is a global brand, they have never strayed from the belief that community, culture and collaboration are their key pillars. They believe in contributing to communities, and nurturing their clients and employees to achieve their best.

Their instagram reflects this message, celebrating everyone that surrounds their brand. They celebrate individual accolades and achievements, promoting diversity, and equality to their online community. They highlight scholarships for minority students, lawyer of the year awards, employee achievements in running marathons or beating their peloton high scores, and showcase personality all across their brand. 

O'Melveny Myers Instagram Marketing

The sense that the firm is made up of strong individuals embedded in the business culture, creates a trusting environment for new and old clients alike, and would be attractive to recruiting the best new graduate talent.

2) DLA Piper (@dlapiper)

DLA Piper is one of the largest law firms in the world, yet its instagram still celebrates the little things. Reciprocating your internal business goals and values in your content is key, and DLA piper does so by embracing diversity, inclusion, equality, and sustainability with individual posts.

There is creative use of photos, videos and audio on their profile, with video/audio content crucial to driving engagement. The firm also utilises live stories, live streams, and live highlights to capture key moments, and show off what they’re working on, or who they’re celebrating on any particular day/week. 

DLA Piper Instagram Marketing

Story highlights showcase an FAQ section for graduates, a particularly neat idea given that most graduates will be a younger generation and therefore more likely to be on instagram than their website. There are also live stories that demonstrate the firm’s corporate social responsibility projects, the pro-bono case work, and they celebrate individual employees each week/month with little about us sections. Overall their brand values are reflected all across their instagram account which makes it welcoming and trustworthy with a very personal edge, despite being one of the largest law firms in the world. 

1) Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers (@fklegal)

Frankl Kominsky is an injury law firm based in Florida USA. They are a small firm, but are committed to providing a personalised approach to each and every client they have, and supporting their local community. 

Their instagram account has a variety of content, some of it being very narrow field catering towards their expertise; advice on injury claims and what you can do individually. Some of their other content is related to their personalised values, showcasing their community investment projects, and employee achievements. They also utilise funny ‘you’ve been framed’ style videos from 3rd-party sources, demonstrating life lessons about being kind, caring for others, and just having a bit of fun from time-to-time. 

Frankl Kominsky Instagram Marketing

A nice additional touch is that Frankl Kominsky theme their content according to the time of year. With halloween having just passed, some of their content has been halloween themed, whilst they also celebrate themes at thanksgiving, Christmas, and easter, alongside awareness for events like pride, black history month, and international women’s day etc.

Frankl Kominsky utilises instagrams live features, and pinned story highlights, showcasing important information about injury law; from tips and advice, to case studies and reviews. Their current community involvement campaign, which they’re sharing on instagram celebrates their ‘12th birthday 12 weeks of giving’. They are contributing to 12 separate non-profit organisations in their local community. Their overall attitude and brand values are reflected all across their instagram page, with an honest and caring personality shining through alongside their obvious expertise.

Final Thoughts

Instagram marketing is a very useful weapon in your social media playbook. It is very easy to engage with your audience and highlight the individual stories inside your business. Remember to reciprocate your brand’s values on social media, and be creative with the type of content you post. Highlight your expertise and give legal advice, but show a human side too by including anecdotes, achievements, and culture. 

Striking a balance between expertise, professionalism, and personality is crucial to capturing your audience’s attention. The above brands have all done that excellently, and have built an audience with which to share their content as an extra lead generation channel. If you’re looking to emulate some of the success stories from instagram within the legal market, take some inspiration, and create something yourself!

If you’re looking for more ideas about your social media marketing strategy for your law firm, please contact us here for a free consultation!

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