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2018 - Present

the client

HEART UK are a long established health charity with the goal of preventing early disease and deaths from cholesterol and other blood fat (lipid) conditions in the UK.

the challenge

Despite a fantastic reputation, HEART UK were struggling to expand their presence online, which was hampering their ability to secure partnerships with brands and pharmaceutical companies. In particular, the email list was showing little growth and the social media presence was small.

the solution

The strategy really revolved around a two pronged approach:

  • Social advertising – developing targeted media campaigns with some of their great content to expand the reach of the brand and drive this engagement back to the website.
  • Email capture – to devise a series of quizzes and email hooks to capture data through a combination of paid and organic channels.

the Outcome

Branded content is now regularly seen by nearly half a million people a month through a combination of organic search, email newsletters and social engagement.

We are growing the email list at an astonishing rate, through a combination of organic tactics (delivering 40-50 new sign ups per day at zero cost) which is then boosted by paid campaigns, whilst simultaneously maintaining high open rates. This database is a key asset for the charity when negotiating partnerships with food and pharmaceutical brands.

We have delivered joint campaigns between Heart UK and a number of their food and pharmaceutical partners, including a recent Facebook campaign that went onto win an industry award within the pharmaceutical sector.

500,000 Content Views/pm

increased email list

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