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Our team comprising a group of talented copywriters, designers, developers, search experts and data analysts will take ownership of your digital marketing.


We champion thinking big for law firms. Using our unique approach to content marketing, we help law firms engage with key market voices to gather insight and harness their credibility.

Additionally, we help develop sub-brand communities to foster a culture of innovation and cooperation, which has limitless possibilities. We can even help you bring these voices together for a bespoke exclusive round-table style event for your own networking purposes.


Ambitious law firms that are trying new things and looking to innovate the industry are always going to catapult themselves into the eyes of their prospective clients because they will stand out from the crowd.


By associating yourself with influential voices in law that are changing the industry, you can quickly start to absorb their credibility and build it into your brand identity, which enhances your reputation further.


If you are able to tell the story of your law firm in a clear and cogent manner, you have a better chance of people buying into your story and choosing your legal services in the future.


Your content marketing strategy will place your business at the centre of your market and in the eyes of your prospective clients. By pushing yourselves and your content into their minds, your law firm has the best chance of getting more enquiries and better enquiries leading to increased revenue and a greater ROI.


A content marketing strategy should take an omni-channel approach in order to appeal to as many potential clients as possible. However, it’s important to identify the two most critical areas that law firms have total control over. Your email list and your website content.

Boss Digital’s content approach always places these objectives at the centre, making them the main priority. Once we’ve started to nail this, we then move onto other channels and activities to help you get the most out of your marketing.


Every law firm has a blog, but only a few law firms use their blog effectively. It should be a place of education, information and engagement for anyone who visits and it should be pitched to cater to a range of different levels of knowledge. The best modern blogs are now multimedia experiences. They will have short and long written content, opinion pieces, video content, audio content and much more. This content will also deal with a number of common scenarios and industries to make it as informative and interesting as possible. Getting blog content right is essential for law firms for three key reasons: growing levels of long-tail search engine traffic, getting more emails via data capture and most importantly, it contributes to your overall website SEO.


Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular within the legal industry as the process is digitally transformed and disrupted. By engaging with these voices, you can unlock a multitude of benefits for your legal brand. Firstly, on a personal level, you are networking and connecting with extremely influential and relevant people in your field, which might also provide future opportunities for partnerships or reveal unexpected business development opportunities. Moreover, the association with these names in the legal market gives your firm additional credibility and helps to raise your profile.


When it comes to best reflecting your law firm, visual content such as images, designs or edits can be effective to convey messages in a clear and concise manager.

In addition, some of the more technical concepts in law can be explained better through the use of infographics. These can be extremely helpful to map out key concepts and ideas simply.


A lot of great content just simply falls through the cracks and becomes little more than noise because the content is not released through the right channels. Law firms are especially culpable when it comes to this because they don’t have the ability to spend time planning a cohesive and clear strategy. Social media, email, website content and print media should all be a part of a law firm’s channel strategy. 


It’s critical to pick topics that are interesting and relevant to your audience, as well as resonating effectively with them. Once you’ve ascertained what you are talking about, you need to select the best format for expressing your message, be that video, imagery or text-based content.


It sounds obvious, but what is the content actually going to achieve for your law firm? You may have a variety of different goals ranging from educating and informing, to targeting new audiences and improving your performance in the search engine, as well as many other things. When you are deciding on an objective for your law firm, it’s important to also make sure it is consistent with your sales funnel.


Frequently Asked Questions About Content Marketing for Law Firms

Experts disagree on how long a blog post should be in 2023. But it’s clear that Google is starting to recognise and reward longer posts over short-form content. What does Google class as long-form content? Blogs between 1,760-2,400 words seem to perform better on average.

Content marketing allows your law firm to showcase expertise, share insights, and address industry challenges, positioning your firm as a thought leader in the legal field.

Graphic design matters in marketing but is frequently overlooked. Attractive visuals when used in the right places and quantities can help make a brand memorable, visible, and communicate its values. Graphics must be used consistently alongside other forms of content to prevent brand confusion that might otherwise cause prospects to exit the sales journey

SEO is vital for content marketing success. Optimising your content with relevant keywords and quality backlinks can improve your law firm’s visibility on search engines, driving more organic traffic to your website.

To measure effectiveness, track key performance indicators (KPIs) like website traffic, engagement metrics, lead conversions, and client enquiries. Analysing these metrics helps you refine your content strategy for better results.

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