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PPC offers law firms a chance to place themselves in the first result of a search engine ranking.  This gives you a much greater chance of persuading them to choose your firm over other competitors. What’s more, PPC advertising is effective because it only charges you based on whether the user clicks or not, so your law firm doesn’t end up out of pocket.


Although SEO strategies are important, a strong PPC campaign places your law firm directly in front of your prospective clients, and more importantly above your competitors. This instant access to market is not available via any other platform.


Do you really know how and why you get conversions on your website? Law firms are always trying to scope the finer details and a strong PPC strategy can help you with this. What’s more, it gives you granular information about your ROI, taking into consideration factors such as the value of clients, cost of advertising and the percentage of clients you convert.


Even if you don’t instantly get a conversion, being top of a search engine results page is highly prized, especially for competitive legal terms. Your clients will remember your name and when it comes to them requiring services, your brand will be at the forefront of their mind.


For broad PPC campaigns, keywords can throw up surprising enquiries and conversions that can lead to new business for your law firm. Although PPC for law firms primarily focuses around your core offering, you might be surprised which terms your law firm can appear for!


Ultimately, all marketing activity for law firms is about maximising your revenue and profits, and PPC is great for this. Better campaigns will have high CTRs and low click costs, and combined with high conversion rates, you’ll find that your return on investment is significantly higher than the money you put in.


To really get the most out of your PPC campaigns, your law firm will need to consider the following:


Legal companies have a bad habit of getting caught up in jargon. Although complex technicalities and detailed nuances might be a lawyer’s bread-and-butter, they are unlikely to generate high levels of search engine enquiries. PPC advertising is most effective when you can hone in on a key list of terms that you’d like your law firm to appear for, and also when you are able to step into the mind of clients and think ‘what words would someone in this position be searching for?’


You can choose between search, display, video, shopping or app network campaigns as standard. Most law firms tend to alternate between search and display campaigns, but video content works extremely well if it is short and punchy.

Some law firms may also benefit from choosing to use responsive adverts. This allows the search engine to evaluate your different headlines, copy and descriptions and create adverts autonomously based on what they think is the best fit.

Alternatively, you can choose to use dynamic advert targeting to allow search engines to select the most relevant website content and audience and automatically promote it to this group. Law firms should be careful when relying on dynamic content, however, as it can quickly become very costly and lead to little results.


One pitfall law firms suffer from in PPC marketing is poor copy. Either adverts don’t capture the reader’s interest enough, or don’t convey your message and expertise. People focus on unique selling points, brand credibility and how closely your advert resonates with them. A strong headline, clear message and compelling CTA, will help maximise your quality score.


Appearing top of the rankings is only half the battle with PPC marketing. It’s great if a lot of people click on your law firm’s website, but if they aren’t making enquiries, you aren’t making money! They need to have a clear focus to encourage the user to make an enquiry, sign up to an email list or contact your law firm for more information.

Good PPC pages tend to use space effectively, with visuals and imagery complementing short bursts of text. Bullet points, bold text and a clear call to action help to keep a user’s focus, whilst steering them towards the end-goal.


Like all your marketing efforts, PPC for law firms should be geared towards one thing only: tangible results. All PPC campaigns should give law firms plenty to think about, with your click-through rate, impressions to clicks ratio and cost per click, as well as engagement rate, cost per engagement and ROI.


A strong PPC strategy will be supported by an appropriate budget. Whatever the size of your law firm, you should be prepared to invest a substantial amount of time and money into setting up and testing your campaign. You can always run pilot campaigns or A/B tests to try out ideas to discover what works best for your budget.


Although search engines don’t offer you as detailed targeting options as social media advertising, you should still take advantage of the different audience opportunities available. If you have run a campaign before, you can look at remarketing opportunities for your law firm too.

Review & Refine

A PPC campaign is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and especially not for law firms with different focuses and specialisations. Whilst ensuring you know what competitors are doing is important when assessing PPC for law firms, you should also be continuously scrutinising and reviewing your own campaigns to gauge cost effectiveness. Refining campaigns is as important as creating new campaigns!


Frequently Asked Questions About PPC for Law Firms

Pay Per Click (PPC) varies in cost depending on who provides the service and your objective. As a rule of thumb expect to spend circa 2.5% of the price you charge for your product or service. PPC involves initial financial outlay but is only expensive if ad spend is poorly managed, in which case your law firm will get a poor return on investment (ROI). That’s why hiring a marketing agency with provable experience managing PPC campaigns for clients in the legal sector is so important.

PPC is an advertising model whereby clients pay a fee whenever one of their ads is clicked. This directly contrasts with organic SEO which costs only as much time as is needed to research keywords and create and publish content.

How much you invest in PPC will depend on your aims and the platforms you are using. For example, businesses are advised to spend 10% of their total revenue on PPC advertising when using Amazon. Of course, this figure is broad and does not take into account the size of a business. A small law firm might spend something in the region of £0.82 per click on its campaigns and in the region of £500 each month. More generally, as sales increase, the idea is to increase spending in direct proportion to sales.

Yes, PPC can be effective for all law firms, including small and large firms, general practice, and specialised areas. Tailoring your PPC strategy to specific practice areas can yield better results.

While PPC can be highly effective, there are potential risks, such as overspending on ineffective keywords or poorly optimised campaigns. Regular monitoring and professional management of your PPC campaigns are recommended to avoid these risks.

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