For over 10 years, Boss Digital have been working with ambitious accounting firms and other professional service companies to grow their brands online and transform their lead generation.

At the core of this activity is SEO, which for many accounting firms represents their single greatest digital route to market. Over 70% of buyer journeys within this sector begin with a search into Google, so ensuring your firm has adequate search engine coverage is of huge strategic significance.

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There are three key reasons why the search engines are such an important channel for accounting firms:

  • It’s where the vast majority of buyers begin their user journey.
  • Conversion rates from the search engines are significantly higher than other channels.
  • Unlike certain other platforms, such as social media, you own your website and its content, which means you are building a true asset over time. With every page that you add and every tag or element you optimise, you are adding compound value to your business.

SEO has evolved a great deal in recent years, but at its core, it continues to be about two things:

  • Building your authority
  • Demonstrating you have relevant content for any given search query

Each of these can be broken down into multiple components. Your authority is determined by a range of ever-growing signals, from link acquisition and social metrics to brand searches and website engagement. While your content includes both specific on-page optimisation and, perhaps even more importantly, the extent to which your accounting landing page content satisfies the many intents and expectations of the user when they make a given search query.

Technical optimisation has been the bedrock of SEO for nearly 2 decades. If Google has issues accessing and interpreting the content of your domain then little else matters. Over time, the range of signals Google has looked at has expanded, so it’s now more important than ever that we’re reviewing all aspects of the site’s technical performance.

Some of the key ranking factors for technical SEO include:

  • Page load times
  • Domain security
  • Image optimisation
  • Browser compatibility
  • URL structure
  • Mobile optimisation

On-page optimisation refers to the process of constructing tags and elements on a page so that Google and the other search engines can establish the priority search queries to which the page relates. This includes:

  • Title Tags
  • Headers
  • URLs
  • Image Alt-Tags
  • Keyword density and use of synonyms and other related terms to build broader relevance

Rather than flooding your page with unnecessary information, we’ll help you produce user-friendly landing pages full of quality content to engage your audience and help them learn about your accounting firm.

Examples of content that is likely to align with search queries for accountancy services include:

  • Video Testimonials
  • Client Reviews
  • FAQs
  • Live Chat
  • Technical Specifications
  • Details of the individual or team heading up that particular function, such as bookkeeping or corporation tax

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