In today’s fast-paced world, visual communication and photography have become more and more important for businesses to tell their story and connect with their customers. Photography plays a crucial role in communicating the personality of your brand and adds value to the message you are conveying.

Beautiful photography undoubtedly creates brand trust and recognition amongst your customers. Therefore, having consistent and high-quality imagery on all platforms is essential to help customers recognise your brand, as well as aligning imagery with your mission and content alike. Professional photography can add perceived value to your business overall, which in turn drives engagement.

When used correctly, photography can transform both business to business and business to consumer brands.


Your headshot is your first impression and your introduction and it is a way your customers can connect to the face behind your business. It’s not to say that your headshot needs be formal and serious, rather your professional headshot should be representative of the visual style and persona you want to reflect.


If your business sells physical products, professional photography is essential in order to elevate your website and social media. Present your products through high quality photography is the quickest way to communicate the value of your product to customers. Product photography in situ especially increases engagement on social media and also solidifies brand recognition.

Portraits and People

If community and people are central to your business, having emotive and brand appropriate imagery is important and more effective than using stock imagery, for example. People relate to people, so whether it is utilising event photography, or portraits of staff, photography can strengthen your brand image.


Genuine lifestyle photography can differentiate your brand from others and add value to your business. High quality photography that reflects your brand image and speaks to your particular audience can do wonders for social engagement and even adds to your brand personality.


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    The first step is to perform in depth research into your business, target audience and competitors to develop a complete strategy for your brand and content, along with all paid and organic channels.

    If required, we will then use our research to propose a complete brand identity, including your brand core, product features, organisational values and visual identity.

    Before starting any content development, it’s essential that the technical foundations are in place, including domain health, site speed and mobile compatibility.

    In order to differentiate the brand we need a number of big ideas to spearhead the content activity, driven by influencer engagement. There must also be a clear content framework that defines the subject and format of content within the monthly calendar.

    once the content strategy is defined we need to be clear on the role and objective of each channel, including the search engines, email, blogging and social media sites.

    Alongside the brand strategy there should be a targeted advertising campaign focused on lead generation within an agreed CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). Common channels for a CPA campaign include PPC, remarketing and social direct response.

    We believe in rapid iteration and that requires regular analysis and reporting focused on a small number of key performance indicators, with the primary emphasis always on sales.