The Reel Deal: 3 Benefits Of Instagram Reels For Your Charity (+ Tips For Getting Started)

Instagram. The home of the hashtag and the leader of likes. This picture-perfect app is home to over 30.6 million UK users – which accounts for 46% of the total population – so if your charity is yet to create an account, now is the time to do so. 

One of the latest features offered by Instagram is ‘Reels’. Similarly to TikTok, Instagram Reels enable users to share engaging videos that can be up to one minute long. With a catalogue of music available and a range of fun filters, backgrounds and stickers to choose from, Instagram Reels are the perfect way to bring your charity to life and connect with your audience on a new level. And with Reels now becoming Instagram’s fastest-growing feature worldwide, they are certainly here to stay. So here’s why your charity should be using them & 3 ideas to get you started.

#1 Discover a new audience 

Instagram Reels offer a new way for your charity to be seen – not only do they help your content become more visible to your existing followers by appearing in several ways across the app, they are also more likely to reach new audiences than other forms of content. 

The ‘Reels’ tab (aka Instagram’s answer to TikTok’s ‘For You’ page) is a hub for trending Reels, allowing users to seamlessly scroll through a selection of curated content based on their engagement. This means when your content is shown in the Reels tab, it’s likely it’s being seen by a relevant audience. Win-win. And to add to the benefits, Reels are also frequently favoured in the ‘Explore’ tab and have their own section in the hashtag search results, thus tripling (or more) your chances of being seen. 

#2 Be shared far & wide

Whilst stories are a great way to engage your audience and bring your charity to life, they don’t last forever. Yes, you can add them to your story highlights, but how regularly are users viewing these? On the other hand, Instagram Reels stay where your audience is most active and have far better shareability thanks to their permanent nature – all you need to do is create content that resonates with your audience

Check out our content marketing blog post for fresh video ideas for your charity. 

#3 Create captivating content in minutes

Video content brings a lot of benefits, however is often overlooked due to the amount of time and resources that need to be invested. Instagram Reels are here to change that. Thanks to Instagram’s range of built-in editing features, including an audio catalogue, speed controls, various layout options, text tools and AR effects, you can now shoot & edit your content in the comfort of your trusted Instagram app. 

3 Ideas to get your charity started with Reels

#1 Partner up 

If you’re looking to increase your reach, exposure and engagement whilst building trust and authority for your charity with both new and existing followers, then be sure to partner up with an influencer that aligns with your values and mission. They are the social media equivalent of film stars and chart-topping pop icons, so they have a lot of power and can bring a lot of benefits for your charity. Not only this, but creating content is their job – so they are pretty damn good at doing it. You can repurpose their Reels and make the most of their first-class content again & again. 

charity instagram reels example

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#2 Promote

Got a fundraising event coming up? Perhaps you’re premiering a new video? Or maybe you’ve just uploaded a must-read blog post? Whatever your situation, Instagram Reels will be able to help you draw attention to your content and encourage users to engage where appropriate. WWF International regularly shares engaging Reels to promote new content shared via their other channels.  

#3 Educate & inspire

A key part of turning your audience into donors is gaining their trust and building a connection with them by educating them about your cause and demonstrating the impact your work has had. Great Ormond Street Hospital uses Instagram Reels to do exactly that, sharing inspiration content that both educates and motivates users to take action. 

charity instagram reels example

Looking to step up your social media game? Check out our ultimate guide to social media marketing to help your charity reach the next level, or get in touch today to organise your free consultation with one of our marketing experts. The proof is in the pudding, so be sure to head to our case studies page to explore how we have helped charities like yours to succeed with social media

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