We began working with Simply gym when they first began in 2011. Since that time we have sent approximately 4.5 million visitors to the website, over 200,000 of whom have subscribed for membership.

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We began with an aggressive SEO campaign that generated huge exposure for the site. When we started there was no traffic at all, but by January 2016 we were generating in excess of 120,000 per month.\r\nWe have had the company featured in fitness magazines and more recently, on ITV’s Daybreak after we were able to feature the site on We have also had the website featured in the Independent, Glamour and on several .gov websites.

This SEO strategy meant that despite being an extremely busy market, we were able to consistently rank in the top 1 or 2 spots for priority terms, which generated the vast majority of new business.


With a strong emphasis on personal service and community, our goal was to ensure that all content created was aligned with these key pillars of the brand, in a way that would appeal to their primary audience of 18-30 year olds.

By promoting branded content and encouraging the participation of both members and personal trainers, we have been able to generate a highly engaged audience across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Whilst this was used principally for brand positioning and customer engagement purposes, we were also able to run paid ad campaigns from Facebook that often outperformed Google paid campaigns. This was particularly important for targeting priority demographics that we knew represented a higher than average lifetime customer value.