Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

We have extensive experience in delivering social media training for the legal market, as well as delivering broader content and influencer strategies for a number of ambitious firms.


With a sea of other firms all competing in the same space, it takes a bold approach to differentiate from the rest and grab a potential client’s attention.

Social media marketing for law firms offers the opportunity to forge a distinct identity, spread brand awareness, recruit the most exciting talent and generate engaged leads.


Social media represents the principal medium for promoting that content and extending the reach of the brand. Even a small spend of £10-20 can be the difference between almost nobody reading your latest blog article, and it is received by hundreds, even thousands, of your target audience.


Increasingly law firms, particularly those targeting businesses, are using social media to capture data from their audience with a view to nurturing it via email and telephone. LinkedIn is particularly powerful for this kind of B2B targeting.


By promoting engaging, informative content on your social media channels, you can show up as an expert in your practice and become known as a thought leader of the industry.


As powerful as social media is, one shortcoming is the fact that you don’t own those platforms. A key metric therefore for your social activity should be its ability to grow the email database of your firm; an asset that belongs to you and over which you have complete control.


For some law firms, recruitment is the number one consideration for their social channels, particularly platforms like Instagram that are highly visual and fantastic at throwing the door to the organisation open, revealing the culture within.


For social media marketing for law firms to be successful, there must be a watertight strategy in place that is aligned with any broader business goals. Ultimately, this is about results. With that in mind, we’ll ensure to factor in the following considerations when working with law firms to create social media marketing strategies:


Before any content is actually uploaded, you need to ensure your firm has a strong brand identity. The majority of firms have little to no brand identity at all. Consider the last time you saw a law firm with an identity that really made you turn your head and take notice. That doesn’t mean provocative or edgy. Rather, most law firms are uninspired and unremarkable when it comes to their brand identity, and consequently struggle to differentiate themselves from a sea of companies with an identical social presence.

To stand out from the competition, social media for law firms needs to be thoughtful and strategic. Every post should be designed to inspire trust in your audience and show the quality of your services. Low-quality content, shoddy visuals or poor explanations will only serve to dissuade potential customers.

It’s important to spend time researching how your competitors behave on social media and what kind of content they make, so you can do the opposite. Positioning your brand with unique visuals, tone of voice and distinctive brand identity is imperative to creating great social content.


A strong, clear content framework should be established to guide all content creation.

Some things to consider when planning your content are:

Subject – What does your law firm want to say to its audience? What do you want to promote? Why would your clients care about that specific topic?

Format – What medium are you going to use to encapsulate that topic? Will you use video, photography, an infographic? Is the imagery in line with your brand image?

Objective – What do you want your audience to do after seeing your content? What will you motivate them towards?

Channel – What social media platform will your content be posted to? Is it appropriate/optimised for that platform?


Law firms don’t have ‘celebrity’ influencers or endorsements in the traditional sense, but for some firms, a prominent voice on social media can add a really powerful dimension to their content strategy. Whether it is a particularly knowledgeable and connected individual, or a specialist in a legal field, having an appropriate influencer can add enormous levels of credibility to your law firm. Not only will it reinforce and elevate your brand, but it will also extend your reach as their audience is also yours! Furthermore, influencer content is the greatest content you could ever hope for, as the influencers you’re engaging with are thought leaders within the subject in question and carry a great amount of credibility.


Most commonly achieved using LinkedIn’s InMail feature, direct response campaigns can drive targeted traffic towards key landing pages and help you to capture customer details through lead generation forms. Due to the specificity of the targeting, and the focused nature of the content, it’s easy to generate large numbers of leads at a comparatively lower cost compared to Google Advertising.

Social media for law firms can be profitable when used in the right way. You can also identify potential clients through direct response and invite them to engage in further content such as webinars or email newsletters.


The most common platforms for law firms to use include:

  • Facebook – this offers the broadest audience along with an extremely targeted ad platform. For both recruitment and brand engagement, it’s probably the number 1 social channel in the legal market.
  • LinkedIn – if your firm has a major focus on the corporate market, LinkedIn is a high priority and probably offers the greatest potential for direct lead generation and data capture.
  • Instagram – ideal for showcasing your firm’s talent and culture, Instagram is social media at its most visual.
  • Twitter – great for press engagement and building personal brands within your team, Twitter suits those brands and individuals that always have something to say regarding current events.


The unfortunate truth when it comes to posting on social media is that these are websites owned by corporations. Corporations looking to make a profit. As such, it’s incredibly unlikely that any post – no matter how great their copy or asset – will gain traction without some spend behind it. The good news is that only a small amount of budget behind a post will create traction. Even just £5 behind a good post is enough to generate a great amount of reach.


Above all else, results are the most important aspect of any social media campaign. You need to be reassured that your investment in your brand’s marketing is paying off. We pride ourselves on our results-focused approach to every aspect of our work. Through regular meetings, a frequently updated dashboard with QSOs and KPIs, and weekly update emails, you’ll always be fully informed.


Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media for Law Firms

To attract new clients and generate leads, you should publish informative and engaging content related to your legal expertise. Use targeted advertising and lead generation forms on platforms like LinkedIn to capture potential clients’ data and nurture them through email marketing.

Social media marketing can be measured through key metrics like reach, engagement (likes, comments, shares), click-through rates, and conversion rates. Using analytics tools and tracking link clicks will help evaluate the impact of your social media campaigns.

You should post a mix of informative and educational content, client case studies, legal insights, team highlights, industry news, and engaging visuals (images and videos) that resonate with your target audience.

Position your firm as a thought leader by regularly sharing valuable content related to legal trends, insights, and industry developments. Engage in discussions with other professionals and participate in relevant legal communities to establish authority and influence.

Paid social media advertising allows you to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviours, to reach a highly relevant audience. It can amplify your content, increase brand visibility, drive website traffic, and generate leads more effectively compared to organic reach.

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