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The Benefits of digital marketing for architecture Firms

The worldwide shift to digital has opened up a huge number of channels through which an architecture firm can communicate with their audience. Traditional marketing methods still have a role to play, but adapting to digital channels is essential for architecture firms to succeed in today’s market.

Lead Generation

With digital marketing, your architecture firm can precisely target their desired audience based on demographics, interests, and online behaviours. This will ensure that your strategies are generating qualified leads who are likely to convert into sales.

Brand Awareness

Architecture firms can use content marketing and social media platforms to showcase projects, expertise, and unique design philosophy to a global audience, boosting brand awareness and recognition in the industry.

Thought Leadership

By consistently sharing valuable and insightful content through blogs, webinars, and industry publications, your architecture firm will become seen as an expert and thought leader in the field. This credibility fosters trust among potential clients.

Reputation Management

With a strong online presence, architecture firms can actively manage their online reputation by responding to client reviews and feedback, addressing concerns promptly, and highlighting positive testimonials.

Competitive Edge

The shift to digital channels has made it much easier for small architecture firms to carve out a niche for themselves in order to compete with the larger firms. Low cost digital channels allow firms to communicate an extremely focused message to their intended audience.


An effective digital marketing strategy can also attract top architectural talent to the firm. Through social media and professional networking platforms, your company can display their work culture, employee benefits, and ongoing projects, attracting prospective architects and designers.

About Boss Digital

We provide bespoke digital marketing services for ambitious architecture firms who wish to transform their marketing.

Working with Boss is like having your own team of brand experts, copy writers, designers, developers, search marketing experts, social media specialists and data analysts, only with no overheads and a fraction of the wage bill. We take complete ownership of your digital marketing and will work on-site where required.

Above all, we understand that the impact of everything we do needs to be measured in pounds and pence. This is about results.

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Architecture firms have long depended on traditional methods of marketing to generate their opportunities. Those methods still have a role to play, but on their own they’re no longer sufficient. Here are some key considerations for an architecture firm’s digital marketing strategy:


Contrary to what many believe, the branding of an architecture firm has little to do with how it looks. Rather, the brand identity should act as a framework for how the organisation operates day to day, only a minor part of which is its visual manifestation.

The starting point of brand is always an understanding of the firm’s core competence, which in simple terms is the one thing the company does better than anyone else in their market. From this core competence the brand identity should be extended into a powerful brand purpose or vision that articulates why this matters and why the audience should care. Other elements of an architects brand identity include:

– Company values and cultural framework

– Brand personality and tone of voice

– Service USP’s

– Visual identity

From the above the company should be able to define a succinct position for the brand (“we do xyz for people like this”) and value proposition (the key benefits supported by a source of credibility).

Probably fewer than 5% of architecture brands have a complete identity for their brand, which is why their marketing, both online and offline, is doomed to failure before it’s even started.


If I were to ask you to think of a brilliant architect Facebook page or blog or email campaign, how many would spring to mind? They do exist, but you’ve got to search pretty hard. This isn’t because architects don’t understand those individual channels or don’t have the necessary skill to use them. It’s because the content that they are publishing was never actually capable of achieving its intended objectives, regardless of the channel through which it was distributed.

If your architecture firm is looking to get more out of your SEO or social media or email marketing (or any offline channel for that matter), the best thing to do is stop thinking about that channel, and start thinking properly about the content. Ask yourself the following questions:

– Is the content built around the interests of your audience?

– Are you clear on the goals of your content?

– Are you putting an adequate budget behind each piece of content? 

Assuming you have the fundamentals in place, you can then launch an aggressive channel strategy, which for a firm of architects is likely to include:

  • The search engines
  • Social Media, particularly LinkedIn
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Event marketing
  • SEO


The sheer volume of data available through digital marketing can be overwhelming, causing analysis paralysis. Even if the individual responsible for the data analysis is able to make sense of it, how effective are they in prioritising this and translating it into simple terms that the senior leadership team can make sense of and use to drive future decisions?

Your architecture firm can address this challenge by identifying their “north star”; the one key metric that most closely aligns to the success of the business and that should be used as a guiding light for all major strategic decision making.

A north star should be:

  • A great indicator of present and future revenue generation
  • Aligned to your core competence and brand purpose
  • Representative of the value your customer is taking from engaging with your brand


In addition to a northstar, there will be other headline metrics you need to keep a close eye on to evaluate the success of your architecture firm’s brand. It can help to align these to the different stages within the sales and marketing funnel:

– Top – key brand metrics, such as overall website traffic or brand reach on social media.

– Mid – engagement metrics, such as email sign ups or click throughs, or perhaps time on site or return rate.

– Bottom – conversion metrics, such as telephone calls or email enquiries.


Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing for Architecture Firms

Yes, digital marketing is highly adaptable and beneficial for architecture firms of all sizes. It offers cost-effective solutions and levels the playing field, allowing smaller firms to compete with larger ones.

Social media platforms are a powerful way to engage with your audience, share updates on projects, and establish thought leadership. By posting relevant content, interacting with followers, and leveraging targeted advertising, you can build a loyal following and generate leads.

Digital marketing allows for personalised communication with existing clients through email campaigns, newsletters, and social media engagement. By nurturing these relationships and providing valuable content, you can reinforce client loyalty and encourage repeat business.

By creating high-quality content, building backlinks from reputable sources, and optimising your website for relevant keywords, you’ll significantly boost your website’s SEO. This will enhance your online visibility, leading to improved search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.

Digital marketing complements offline marketing by providing additional touchpoints and reinforcing brand messaging. By integrating both online and offline campaigns, your architecture firm can create a cohesive and impactful marketing strategy.

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